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eloDesigns CEDIA certified Outreach Instructors are trained to offer industry approved training and CEU credits to Architects, builders and interior designers with AIA, AIBD, IDCEC and NARI. Here are some of our available courses:

Controlling and Isolating Sound with Design & Construction

Controlling and isolating sound is tricky-without the correct tools, the right people, and the proper design, the results are often disastrous . Participants in this course will review the needs for creating sound isolated specialty spaces and discuss how much sound isolation is needed in varying circumstances . In addition, attendees will dive into the three tools of sound isolation-mass, absorption, and mechanical isolation and  the role of each in the design and build process, while discussing the process of designing and constructing a specialty space . This course will also outline the benefits of working as a team with other trades to provide the client the expertise in bringing about a well-designed and functional space.

Dedicated Theater Design

What is a home theater? This may sound like a simple question, but is it? Participants in this course will come away with a very distinct definition of what a home theater is- and what it isn’t! Discussion will also include basic acoustical physics, common mistakes in designing theaters, as well as specific design considerations related to video, lighting, electrical, and safety and comfort. This course will provide guidance related to what goes in the room- from equipment, to wall treatments, to seating- and provide practical solutions to problems associated with home theater design and construction. Additionally, attendees will discuss the importance of engaging a trained, qualified professional early in the design and build process.

Disguise and Hide – Designing for Technology

Home electronics should integrate seamlessly into a home’s design and decor. This course reviews the three­ pronged approach to hiding technology-advance planning, design philosophy, and product selection-which are available for minimizing the visual impact of electronics without compromising performance . Specific challenges and recommendations related to hiding video displays, projectors, speakers, controls, cameras, and equipment racks-among others-will be addressed . This course speaks to innovative and creative ways to lessen the visual impact of electronics by making them low-profile, hidden or camouflaged, or even invisible!

Lighting Control Illuminated

Lighting control has become a standard in new construction and existing retrofit solutions… those who have it love it and wonder how they ever lived without it! Participants will walk away form this course with a basic understanding of lighting control terminology, and the benefits and solutions related to lighting control- presented in simple, easy to understand language. Additionally, attendees will be active participants in discussion surrounding common misperceptions, features, and alighting control design considerations.

Proper Planning for Residential Electronic Systems

As with other rough-in trades (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing), electronic systems should be planned for well in advance of construction and documented at the construction drawing phase of design. This course describes the processes used by professionals in the project planning, design, and installation phases of electronic systems. Participants will be able to identify different types of residential systems and the unique impact of each on specific design considerations, such as space, framing, electrical, and ventilation requirements. This course will also help attendees identify and analyze the benefits of working with trained electronic systems professionals.

Shade and Window Treatments Overview – Motorize, Integrate and Automate

There are many different types of window treatments that can be installed in residential and commercial projects- including those used outside a structure. This course provides an introduction to these various types of products, the considerations (and client benefits) when automating shade and window treatments, and how to build your team of professionals when implementing this type of technology into your project.

Technology for Outdoor Spaces

Today’s homes have technology everywhere- inside and out! This market has grown beyond simple audio and video options. This course will provide design and build partners with a familiarity without outdoor technology choices. Additionally, participants will discuss the infrastructure, and equipment needs and options to ensure a successful project! Real-world examples will be provided throughout the course to ensure attendees understand how these principles are relevant to any project that includes an outdoor component.

Understanding Today’s Home Technology and Infrastructure Options

There are many available options related to technology for today ‘s savvy clients , and this course will help guide participants through the myriad of choices . Participants will walk away from this course with a comprehensive overview of current home technologies available in today’s connected homes . The in-depth discussion will include wired vs. wireless , integrated systems-what they are and how they work-and engaging a trained electronic systems professional. This overview will also help attendees plan for proper wiring infrastructure and other profitable electronic systems .

Using Technology Systems to Help Homeowners Live a Greener Life

A “green home” extends beyond recycling and energy efficiency, clients today want to live a greener lifestyle. Participants in this course will discuss components of “living green”, and how using technology can actually help their clients live a greener life. Additionally, attendees will discuss the ways control systems can improve durability , and enhance health and comfort of a home and its occupants through HVAC, lighting and lighting control, automated shading, smart appliances, water usage. Participants will also discuss how a cooperative mentality among trades in the design and building process can help clients achieve their “green goals”.

*Courses are updated frequently. Contact us today for the next class near you!